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    Dee Wilson

    I have been asked to coordinate the food for the annual BBQ. Can you let me know what you are planning on bringing so we can have a variety? I will also post in the Facebook group as well. Hope to see everyone there.

    Dee Wilson

    We’ll bring Macaroni and cheese

    Dee Wilson

    This is what I have so far…

    Harry & I – macaroni & cheese and teriyaki pork
    Lynn & Billy Jo – American chop suey
    Pat & Dianne
    Jessica & Mark Yusikones
    Don & Joni
    Eric & Rebecca
    Cindy Poole – not going to make it
    Donald Rosebush
    Caron Stevens
    Danny & Taylor
    Greg & Michelle
    Billy & Jessica
    Mark & Lori
    Bill & Cheryl – deviled eggs & potato salad
    Craig & Joanna – fish chowder and corn bread

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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